Seeking Full time Career

I am seeking a full time. I am currently working two part time jobs. One job I enjoy a little bit. I clean windows for businesses. The flexiblility and the warm weather is great. However, I have gone 800 miles using my personal vehcile and yet my boss and owner will not pay for gas reimbursement or wear and tear. I have asked him about eight times if he can help of set that travel expense. He usually changes subject or jokes around so he does not have to do any work. He also says he is a Christian, and I do not doubt that epecially since I do not know his heart. I am in the process of finding another job since most of my money goes towards gas. I have on my dashboard Romans 12:12 to help me get through the day.

My other job, more career, is a part time youth pastor in Banquo, IN (close to the county line of Huntington and Grant). I love this new career as I am working with teens and especially using my degree from Huntington University.


Any thoughts, ideas, job leads, and of course prayers would be great. Thank you!

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 | Prayer Request


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