son not doing well in school

My son is ten years old and at the end of his fifth grade year. He use to answer all the questions in class attempted his work in school and at least brought his homework home. Now he said school is dumb and boring. He does not do a lot of work in class now and he seems to forget his home work a lot. I am afraid he is going to keep this up the rest of his schooling and wont get an education he need. My son is very smart and is like a sponge and observes a lot. He wants to please everyone and a bright child. He has add and adhd he also gets bored fast. Please pray that he picks up on important thing and that next year in the 6th grade goes a lot better this year. Please pray that God will keep him on the right path and keeps his love for Christ in his heart.

Posted on May 19, 2012 | Prayer Request


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