Stressful Time in Life

I normally wouldn't do this but I can't do this alone. 

I am under an enourmous amout of stress at home and at work.  At home, I hate to admit it, but am not happy in my marriage and life in general.  We have crushing financial burdens for which it is left to me to handle.

My work is very stressful now as I have a huge amout of work and not enough time and I am not allowed OT.  I do recognize this as a blessing as we have been without a job in my family before but I think because of the stress at home, I don't seem to be able to handle this as I usually could.

I do see my blessings in my life; I have a daughter about to graduate high school and I have another daughter entering her freshman year of HS.  I am very proud of both of my girls.

I just need some prayer for a little stress and maybe a light at the end of tunnel of financial stress.

Thank you !

Posted on Apr 9, 2012 | Prayer Request


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