Struggling to make ends meet

I am 54 yr old wife grandmother of 2 one child is 5 yrs old a boy whom I love so much and a new granddaughter who is  2 and a half  weeks old.. My husband is working but I am not right now I need to  find a job as soon as possible .We cant  make it on his income because he has issues with alcohol and tobaccol. He does pay the rent and  the utilites but it is a struggle . I just feel if he would trust God and tithe we wouldnt have to struggle as we do .I am a born again believer and trust God pray daily read my bible . I know he has a plan for my life .My  husbands addictions are affecting his relatoinship with our son who is the father of our 2 grandchildren . This does make our life a struggle but I trust God and Im not giong to despair but I would love prayer please . Thank you so very much God bless everyone..

Posted on Jun 14, 2012 | Prayer Request


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