Thanksgiving for answered prayer…

I'm Pete, a 58 year old single man.  Last July I requested prayer to find a single Christian lady for some fellowship.  (See "Single...heartbroken"   July 8,2012.)


Since then, the Lord has answered my prayer in some beautiful ways.  One of my sisters suggested that I get involved with Christianmingle, a website where Christian singles  can connect with other Christian singles.  At first , most of my friendships were only short term, whereby I wanted somebody for a more extended relationship.  Recently I was re-acquainted with a couple ladies I knew from a Christian singles group some years ago.  We've been having some good fellowship on a regular basis.  I'm not into a serious dating relationship with either of these ladies; but it is a good relationship that fills the deeper needs of the heart.  It looks like these friendships will be for a more extended period of time than some of the earlier ones.  


In the story of our lives, the pages only turn one way.  Once an old era has ended and a new era has begun, we cannot go back.  But  in spite of whatever comes, I am joyfully anticipating the doors the Lord will open up in a new beginning.


                                                                                          Your brother in Christ, 



Posted on Oct 17, 2012 | Prayer Request


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