Tough year of just one thing after another its weighing me down where I am just WORN

My year of 2013 began with my Mother having Cancer and Dementia where she had to  live in a nursing home and I became power of attorney at age 37 with my own special need chid at home. My son became sick, he had a kidney transplant at 13 months old, he had unexplained loose stools and he wasnt absorbing his transplant medications. His health was bad as we were waiting for labwork to come back my Mother suddenly passed away. A few days later we found out Brent needed a biopsy of his transplanted kidney and we did not know what was wrong. While this was all happening I had to plan a funeral, empty a storage unit, and move out Moms things in the nursing home. Wow I know. Four days after we buried her he had his biopsy kidney was perfect thank goodness but why the loose stools. Months went on and we couldnt figure out was wrong and so on. Several months later they found the problem lactose intolerance and inflammation and low zinc levels. We have suffered finacial problems with all the medical problems and traveling and we need a Christmas miracle to help us. Emotionally I feel like I am barely hanging on, so much so quick. The holidays approaching I am really struggling to find my Christmas joy and I am sad and miss my Mom. The year I really needed one God needed her more:( Please pray for our family to be restored, emotional healing can take place and last for myself I need renewed strength as A Mom of a special need child is the glue that holds the family together and feel like I can barely help myself.

Posted on Dec 21, 2013 | Prayer Request


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