Update on Leah

Leah’s heart is severely damaged and blocked. They had considered an artificial heart but her chest cavity is too small. The heart is too damaged to work with any VAD. They discovered that she is carrying a protein antigen that she developed from her first transplant that makes a second transplant nearly impossible. There is a process that they can perform to desensitize the protein, however, history has shown this process to take many, many months to be successful. Time Leah does not have. They gave her two options. Stay here in the hospital and live out or go home and live out. Leah was not willing to give up so easily. Her life has been nothing but miracles. She decided to stay here but fight. She is convinced that this heart will last until the new one comes. Our prayer is  that this heart sustains her long enough to let the desensitization process work quickly and effectively and then let the heart come. More to come later…………………..

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 | Prayer Request


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